the singularity
of design
At PT. Bias Tekno we believe in he individuality of our clients and the buildings that represent them. We have been accused by some that no two buildings of ours ever look alike, we tend to take this as a compliment. It is our conviction that each client’s requirement, each site, each programmatic nuance presents a unique problem and thereby demands a unique solution. It is this singularity of design, the custom tailoring of a project to suit the specific needs of a client that we strive to achieve.
varying size
and complexity
Since the conception of PT. Bias in 1991, we have stood by and strengthened our ideals of design excellence and a uncompromising pursuit of quality over several projects
of varying size and complexity. In order to achieve the high standards we have set for ourselves we have sacrificed size and volume for quality and attention to detail.
We have also created a network of cooperation with several local and international consultants with similar work philosophies to be able to draw upon their collective experience whenever a client may require it and to establish an international standard for the work produced by us.
cut through
the contstraints
At Bias Tekno we like to cut through the constraints of conventional architectural constancy and work as a team with the client, the developer, the construction management and the other consultants right from the very beginning of the project in order to achieve the most efficient and the best possible result for the owner.